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In addition to advisor resources and Empowering Experiences for students, SkillsUSA CONNECT provides a collaboration space for you to connect and engage with other SkillsUSA advisors from across the nation. Create your account today! 


You will find instructions to create your complimentary account when you log in at and click the CONNECT logo for registration instructions.



Energy Careers 2020

On Oct. 21, the Center for Energy Workforce Development will host a free virtual career event.  Energy Careers 2020 will showcase the vast array of careers in energy — highlighting job opportunities for today and career paths for tomorrow. Keynote presenters include the Honorable Dan Brouillette, Secretary, U.S. Department of Energy; and Mike Rowe, American television host, narrator, advocate for skilled trade jobs. Attendees will learn about the breadth of career pathways, benefits and networking guidance.


Virtual program offerings include:

  • High-energy general session with noted presenters.

  • Career Fair.

  • Networking lounges and exhibits.

  • Panel-hosted breakout sessions, including:    

Students: Discover Careers in Energy!         

Career Changers: How to Get Started in a Career in Energy      

Diversity in Energy Careers   


For more information about this free virtual event, visit



Introducing the New Program of Work

Get ready for a great year in SkillsUSA by launching into the newly revised Program of Work. Simply stated, the Program of Work is a chapter management tool. It is also an individual growth plan for the chapter members and the ultimate student engagement tool. The Program of Work allows students to define, develop and demonstrate the Essential Elements that make up the SkillsUSA Framework. A well-planned Program of Work provides intentional instruction in the SkillsUSA Framework and its Essentials Elements. Through active participation in the Program of Work, students experience important skill-building opportunities.


Ensure you and your students are accessing all of the Program of Work materials and resources to help get the school year off to a great start. Resources include a Program of Work Launch Activity Guide, which includes a Virtual Classroom edition, videos and resources to help you implement effective activities.


Program of Work resources can be accessed here:


Join one of the upcoming professional development sessions on the Program of Work on Sept. 30, Oct. 12  or Oct. 28 to explore the new Program of Work Toolkit. To view the full schedule of opportunities and register to attend, click



SkillsUSA Membership: Connect, Learn, Grow

Looking for new ways to share what SkillsUSA is all about? Show your students, other instructors and school administration the SkillsUSA Membership: Connect, Learn, Grow video here.



Membership Incentive Time — Register by Nov. 15

Becoming a professional member of SkillsUSA is one of the best ways to demonstrate to students the opportunities that membership provides. Professional members receive online access to the following as a benefit of membership: Framework Integration Toolkit, consisting of 45 separate resources; Program of Work Toolkit for in-person and virtual chapter activities; SkillsUSA Championships Toolkit, including 2021 SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards and local competition guides; Jump into STEM! Toolkit, including virtual lesson plans.


As a special membership incentive, those who register at least 15 student members plus one or more professionals by Nov. 15 will receive a complimentary copy of JumpStart 2.0, a collection of 33 mixers and icebreakers to engage SkillsUSA students in meetings, workshops and other activities.


JumpStart 2.0 will help you find immeasurable success in the rewarding and fulfilling venture of being a SkillsUSA advisor as you coach your students to excellence. We hope you enjoy making this resource a part of your classroom and chapter environment.


Visit to register yourself and student members. If you or any chapter advisors need assistance with SkillsUSA membership or registration, our Customer Care Team is ready to answer questions about starting a new chapter, ways to engage chapter members or strategies to strengthen an existing chapter. Customer Care Team members are on call 8 a.m.-5 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday; and 11 a.m.-7 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday (Eastern time). To reach the team, call 844-875-4557 or email You can also chat online on the membership registration site.



Virtualize Classroom Computers to Perform High-End Graphics Work Remotely

As a part of their pandemic response initiatives, Epic Games Inc. has offered an Epic Megagrant to Parsec Cloud Inc. to allow them to make Parsec for Teams available to any educational institution and nonprofit in the Unreal community at no charge for the 2020-21 school year.


Parsec for Teams is a low latency, high frame rate remote desktop solution that allows schools to virtualize their lab and classroom computers so students can do their high-end graphics work remotely. Taking advantage of the school’s hardware and software investment on campus, students with almost any computer, laptop or even a Chromebook/mouse can do class projects remotely. Teachers can also use it to access their more powerful Windows computers and licensed software remotely to do online demonstrations or lectures. Parsec for Teams can be an essential part of a remote teaching solution for Unreal Engine, Twinmotion, and other technical graphics and design software. If students and teachers have broadband that can stream movies in HD, they should be able to remotely run even the most demanding Windows graphics applications that they teach.


If your school needs better remote desktop software to teach game design/development, animation, modeling, film/vfx, simulation, TV/broadcast, AEC visualization, technical design, AR/VR/MR remotely, check out



Empowering Experiences
SkillsUSA’s Empowering Experiences help students find new ways to connect, engage and stay motivated. Students have shared that through SkillsUSA membership, they are seeking community, growth and recognition. Each of these themes have been ingrained in the experiences that have been created. As an advisor, you will find instructions to create your complimentary account and help your students set up their SkillsUSA CONNECT accounts by clicking here. Through SkillsUSA CONNECT, students can engage in all of the exciting student experiences that have been created specific to their needs. There’s never been a better time to be connected to SkillsUSA!



Professional Development for Advisors

This year, SkillsUSA expanded professional membership benefits to include:

  • Technical Standards.

  • Foundations Lesson Plans.

  • Jump Into STEM!

  • Local Championships Guides.

  • Framework Integration Toolkit.

  • Program of Work Launch Toolkit.


Professional development is available on these new resources to help you gain confidence for successful integration into your classroom and SkillsUSA chapter. To view the full schedule of opportunities and register to attend, log in to your SkillsUSA CONNECT account and choose “Professional Development Opportunities” from the “Advisor Resources” tab. Or, visit:


Upcoming sessions include:

Oct. 6 – Chapter Officer Election Guide

Oct. 6 – Experiential Activities to Promote the Framework

Oct. 7 – JumpStart 2.0

Oct. 8 – Framework Integration 101